"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." – Plato

Quote of the week

We accept the love we think we deserve

– Stephen Chbosky

It has been a while…

At the behest of my own flesh-and-blood brother, I’m back for another post and yes, it has been a while. I don’t have anything significant to say other than the fact that although I write for no one in particular and have no indication as to whether or not people actually read my posts (other than my brother of course), I do in fact, enjoy writing about whatever comes to mind.

It’s freeing. It’s a beautiful thing, this, to write without any responsibilities or deadlines or agendas. On this relatively secluded corner of the internet, I can write without inhibition and fear of censorship or judgment which is exactly what I need as an amateur writer. I’m finding that I’m terrible when it comes to pressure and although I have seen my best work while under the gun or the looming threat of a deadline, I didn’t enjoy it. I have discovered… actually, let me rephrase that. I AM discovering in my 30’s that I would much rather take my time and enjoy the process instead of stressing myself out and push out a masterpiece. For me, it’s very much more about the journey and not the end product.
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Breaking Rocks

I was going to tweet this, but couldn’t figure out a clever way to write this in 140 characters, so sorry internetz.  Deal with it.

Anyway, I had this terrible dream this morning where I was stuck in a North Korean prison camp breaking rocks.  The funny thing was that I was damn good at it.  I remember that I was breaking rocks and taking names but, as most rock-breakers will agree, the job sucked balls and I hated it.

After my rock breaking session was over, it was suddenly Christmas and a prison-mate gave me a PS3 as a gift. The funny thing was that he didn’t give me a TV to go with the PS3 (or a game to play for that matter), but as I held the PS3 controller in my hand, I had this profound sense of sadness because I wanted so badly to be away from the prison and back home with my wife, hanging out and playing video games with her next to me.

I immediately woke up from the dream at that point, rolled over to my wife who was sleeping soundly next to me and hugged her, incredibly happy that it was just a dream.  I couldn’t sleep after that so I got up, took a shower, and made her breakfast… and then my wife staggered out like a zombie, bleary eyed in all her morning glory, complaining that I stunk up the whole apartment with my cooking.


In any case, I still love her and boy am I glad I don’t break rocks for a living 🙂


My Sentiments Exactly

Albert Einstein is reported to have said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By this definition, the drug war is insane. We are no safer, and we are certainly less free because of concerted efforts to wage war on drugs. It’s time to stop the insanity and end prohibition.

I don’t usually link to articles, but I saw this one on Reddit this morning and had to read it.  Take a few minutes and educate yourself.  It’s time to end the drug war.

Mentally Weak

I have this annoying habit of learning things about myself on more than one occasion and true to form, this next moment of self-realization I’m going to share is one that I’ve had several times over: when it comes to working out, I’m such a b!#@h.
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